God Dethroned : è uscito “Illuminati”, nuovo video online

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Il 7 febbraio è uscito via Metal Blade Records “Illuminati”, il nuovo album dei God Dethroned! Un video per il nuovo singolo “Book Of Lies” può essere visto più in basso. Il chitarrista/vocalist Henri Sattler ha commentato:

“‘Illuminati’ is out today and we can’t wait for everyone to check out the album! We are also launching a third video today for ‘Book of Lies’, which connects the storyline of the two previous singles/videos and hopefully is a track that will spark your interest in listening to the full album! Also, we are soon to start a heavy touring campaign: First it’s three special album release shows this weekend, then next week we start a first European tour with Obscura, and afterwards it’s festival time, but also another European tour of which we will reveal details soon. We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming shows this year!”

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