Ravenscry : lyric video del nuovo singolo online

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I melodic metallers italiani Ravenscry hanno messo online il lyric video del nuovo singolo “The Entertainer”, brano estratto dal nuovo studio album100, in uscita il 15 maggio. Potete vedere il lyric video qui:

La band ha detto:

In our new single “The Entertainer” you can feel the trademark of the typical Ravenscry sound: a mix of energy and grit with melody and melancholy. This song involves a big contribution of our friend and former member Paul Raimondi: he still collaborates with us in the songwriting process both for music and lyrics. The topic is inspired from the life of all those artists who are so good in entertaining people with jokes and funny stories, but at the same time are struggling and fighting with their inner demons. We think that sometimes those kind of people are a reflection of the entire society: how many times and why we smile and laugh hiding our deepest feelings? We often ask ourselves this question and we would like to leave it also to our listeners. Maybe they could give us some interesting answers!

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