Exciter : novità sul nuovo album

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Durante un’intervista rilasciata a The Metal Voice il 30 aprile, il bassista Allan Johnson ed il chitarrista Daniel Dekay dei canadesi Exciter hanno parlato dello stato dei lavori per il nuovo album della band. In particolare, Dekay ha detto:

“We are in the demo stages still, I know it seems like a long time since we last talked about it, but we’ve made a lot of progress. We have demos of the songs. I got the recordings with scratch guitars on ‘em — Al Johnson does scratch guitars on demos; him and Dan Beehler, (drums/vocals) are an incredible team.

My first impression of the songs was that they really did sound like old-school, aggressive, second-album Exciter; it really does like sound ‘Violence & Force’ aggressiveness. Even with the shitty scratch guitar tone that Al sent me, it sounded like I could get what he was going for, with the high frequencies and stuff. It does sound like old school, and Dan sounds awesome. And there’s some off-rhythm stuff, which was kind of what I always loved about Exciter — it’s not always fucking four-on-the-floor, classic straight-up; there’s a lot of groove and there’s a lot of feel. And there’s no clicks; it’s not a band that is recording demos with clicks right now; it’s totally just off of feel. And doing it onto tape. It’s crazy — they’re doing drums onto tape. It’s insane. It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m not even joking.”

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