Mercyful Fate : Hank Shermann al lavoro su nuova musica

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Il chitarrista dei Mercyful Fate Hank Shermann ha confermato di essere al lavoro su nuova musica per la band:

“First of all, King is living in Texas, in the States. I’m living here north of Copenhagen, in Denmark. The drummer (Bjarne T. Holm) is also here, so I work with him in the rehearsal room shaping the new songs. The other guitar player (Mike Wead) is in Stockholm, Sweden, and our new bass player (Joey Vera) is in Los Angeles. So everything is [being done via] Dropbox or e-mails.”
He continued: “I have been working at least the last one and a half years on new Mercyful Fate songs, and I think there’s about six or seven [tracks that are] about to be ready. The first song has been sent to King after it’s been mixed and all the guys played on the song. So I sent the files to Joey in Los Angeles; he did the bass. And then I sent the same files to Mike in Stockholm; he did his solos. And now King has the first song, evaluating for the vocals to be added. And then we will rearrange certain parts to be twice as long and stuff like that.”

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