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Gli Scarlet Rebels annunciano la release di “You Take My Breath Away”, quarto brano estratto dall’album “Show Your Colours” uscito via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records.
“You Take My Breath Away” è disponibile su tutte le piattaforme digitali e di streaming, inoltre ne è stato realizzato un “lockdown” video che potete vedere più in basso.

Il frontman Wayne Doyle ha così commentato l’attuale situazione:

“These are crazy times, with a lot of hardship and uncertainty for many, many people. Being a musician in these times often seems superfluous and inconsequential but as a FAN of music as well as a musician, I know that music can help get you through some difficult days and I can only hope that the music of Scarlet Rebels has that effect for some people.
This is why we wanted to include our fans in the video. The music is little without the fans and together we can work through this current dark period and on to something better.
Musically, You Take My Breath Away is the first song we wrote and recorded as Scarlet Rebels. Chris (guitars) and Josh (guitars and keys) had just joined the band and it was a new beginning for us. Chris had the core riff and then we all worked on it together.
That fresh energy can be heard throughout the song, its sexy, its sassy, its about a woman owning the room and being empowered and that resonates with everyone that meets her.
Needless to say, it’s a BIG song for us on stage.”

Scarlet Rebels:
Wayne Doyle (vocals/guitar)
Chris Jones (lead guitar)
Josh Townshend (guitar)
Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde (bass)
Gary Doyle (drums)

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