In Mourning : raccolta dei primi demo fuori ad agosto

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La progressive death/doom metal band svedese In Mourning pubblicherà una raccolta dei suoi primi demo intitolata “Echoes” in vinile il 14 agosto via Agonia Records. “Echoes” include i demo “In Mourning” (2000), “Senseless” (2002), “……..Need” (2003) e “Confessions Of The Black Parasite” (2004). La band ha commentato:

“People have been asking about copies of our old demos every now and then and this is it. Echoes contains our four early, very old school, demos. All packaged into a beautiful triple vinyl box with artwork from our old companion Kristian Wåhlin. So whether you’re into the idea of our demos, if you’re curious about how we sounded between 2000-2004 or just think it would be a cool collectible (which it surely will), go get yourself a copy now. This will most likely only be available this once, no cd, no digital, vinyl only!”.

Lato A
Demo I – “In Mourning”
1. Eyes Of The Night
2. Awake Those Wrapped In Dusk

Lato B
Demo I – “In Mourning”
3. Sins Within An Angel
4. Through The Depth Of Misery

Lato C
Demo II – “Senseless”
1. Senseless
2. In Tears She Went Away
3. Interpret The Signs

Lato D
Demo II – “Senseless”
4. Underneath The Dreams
5. Life Emulation
6. Sad Serenity

Lato E
Demo III – “Need”
1. Stain Of Perverse
2. Dark From Different Lights
3. Need

Lato F
Demo IV – “Confessions Of The Black Parasite”
1. Confessions
2. By Others Considered
3. The Appeal
4. Porcelain Kiss
5. A Parlour For The Crestfallen

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