Rews : nuovo album e nuovo singolo online

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I Rews annunciano la release del nuovo album “Warriors e del nuovo singolo “Heart Is On Fire”, disponibile qui sotto. Più in basso il commento della frontwoman Shauna, tracklist e cover dell’album.

“I’m so excited for everyone to get their hands-on Warriors, a serendipitous title right now! People always warn about ‘that difficult second album’. For me, I think this new album contains some of the most honest, painful & uplifting songs that I’ve ever written, and I feel that it is a pure expression of who and what Rews is. Each song on the album is a journey through a tough situation; all different; and I want it to show people that no matter what they are going through, together, through the spirit of music, we can strengthen, we know that we belong and we CAN do this… Today, we’re warriors!”.

1. Birdsong
2. Razorblade
3. Heart Is On Fire
4. Monsters
5. Today We’re Warriors
6. Move On
7. Play Dead
8. Love Hate Song
9. Bad Girl
10. Itch
11. Habits

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