Speed Limit : online il lyric video di “Ways & Means”

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Gli Speed Limit hanno pubblicato il lyric video versione lockdown del brano inedito “Ways & Means”. Potete vederlo poiù in basso, dis eguito il commento della band:

First of all we are all healthy and in good spirits. Hope you are doing well and we will see all of you after the crisis. Rock n Roll saves the planet!

As the border to Germany is closed it is impossible for us to see our brother and singing drummer Hannes for some time to come. All shows so far are cancelled and our working on and reharsing new songs for the next album is severely limited. So please do not expect the new opus before summer 2021.

But we have not let grass grow under our feet: To shorten this period of waiting for something to happen from the Speed Limit camp we decided to release a new song/lyric video. This clip is a vivid memory to the last trip to London – maybe the last for a long period.

The song is full of hope. The strong wish that what lies ahead will be at least as exiting or maybe even more colorful as it was before. So we want all of you to develop ways and means to set this spirit free, to choose “bringing together” and ban “tearing apart”.”

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