Faith & Scars : guarda il nuovo video

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La rock band americana Faith & Scars ha messo online il video del brano “Never the Same” e potete vederlo più in basso. La band ha dichiarato:

We had a blast making this video! We’ve built all of our own productions so far, but this one was the most time consuming. This set had to be made from scratch. We knew we wanted “floating” mirrors, and a black backdrop, but we had no idea how to achieve it. We settled in one night and made a small scale replica of what we wanted in a shoebox with WWE Action Figures holding the place of ourselves. We used string, hot glue, paint, cardboard, and aluminum foil for the diorama. It was a throwback to art class, but it definitely served its purpose!

Once we had the vision, we went to work! We rounded up mirrors, black sheets, beam clamps, fishing line, hooks, lighting, foggers, music gear, tools, & props. It took a good 2 weeks to get everything right, but we’re really happy with how it turned out.

We brought back Professional Wrestler, Brandon Wild & Filmmaker, Jaiden Frost for this one as well, and they did a wonderful job as usual. We also brought on actress, Cheyanne Liverman. This was her first on screen role since graduating from John Casablancas School of Acting & Modeling. Wild, Frost, & Cheyanne did very well in bringing the story to life. We’re so thankful for the crew we got to share the set with, and proud to present you with the final product.

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