Pestilence : cambio alla batteria

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I death metallers olandesi Pestilence si sono separati dal batterista Septimiu Harsan a causa di problemi professionali e personali, in parte legati alla pandemia COVID-19. La band ha trovato il sostituto nella persona di Michiel van der Plicht (live drummer dei Carach Angren), che con i Pestilence registrerà il nuovo album Exitivm, in uscita entro fine anno via Agonia Records. La band ha dichiarato:

“Right before the drum recordings for the new Pestilence album, we got news from Septimiu Harsan, that he wil not be a part of this historic event. Recent developments regarding the covid-19 pandemic, the financial aspect and travel situation made him decide to stop pursuing a carreer in music on a professional level. We, Rutger van Noordenburg, Joost van der Graaf and mr. Pestilence himself, of corpse, wish him health and all the best for the future”. The band continues: “BUT THIS DOES NOT STOP US from delivering you the virus, that is the black plague, to your ears. We contacted Holland’s finest, Michiel van der Plicht, to record “Exitivm” for us. After hearing the raw demo’s he was very excited to say the least. Michiel, who is also the live drummer for Carach Angren, is currently negotiating with them, about the possibilities of playing live for Pestlence as well. But for now we will focus on recording the album with him and see what happens in the future”. On top of that, Michiel van der Plicht commented: “I’m very proud to be playing on the upcoming Pestilence album. Be prepared!”.

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