Graveshadow : pubblicano un nuovo singolo

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La symphonic/gothic metal band Graveshadow ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo “Gwynnbleidd”, potete ascoltarlo più in basso. Il brano dovrebbe far parte del nuovo EP della band ed è disponibile sulle maggiori piattaforme streaming. Il chitarrista Aaron Robitsch ha detto:

‘Gwynnbleidd” was inspired by the popular Netflix fantasy drama ‘The Witcher.’ I initially wrote the music for the project that Will (Walker, guitars) and I were going to form when GRAVESHADOW seemed like it was over,” he explains. “When Rachl was recruited, we felt that the song had the potential to showcase her vocals perfectly and show a strong comeback for the band. Lyrically, Rachl took inspiration from ‘The Witcher,’ continuing our trend of songs being influenced from a variety of fandoms, including ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘World of Warcraft,’ ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Doctor Who.’

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