Bloodhunter : ristampa del debut album con bonus track

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La melodic death metal band spagnola Bloodhunter ristamperà il suo debut album omonimo del 2014 in digitale il 3 luglio ed il 4 settembre in CD. La re-release includerà come bonus l’EP “Live in Madrid (2020)”. Di seguito i commenti della band.

Diva Satanica:
Bloodhunter was my first studio recording as a vocalist. It was a hard process during which I learned a lot and for that I’m especially fond of it. When we realized that physical copies were selling out, we started to think of the idea of making a reissue further on, as a gift to the fans, and that’s how this reissue came up, with new artwork by Gustavo Sazes and 6 live bonus tracks from the concert we played in Madrid last year.

Daniel Luces:
Bloodhunter, our first album, will always hold a special place in our hearts. The experience in the studio with our engineer Pedro was eye opening, and I personally learned a lot from him that shaped me both as a bass player and a sound engineer, which consequently spilled over to our second album when we took most of the engineering duties on our own hands. When considering the idea of a reissue with a new cover and layout, we decided to use the tracks from the live show we recorded in Madrid in March 2019, which I think makes a great contrast in showing where we were as a band in 2014 compared to 2019 with a second album and several big festivals under our belt. We hope everyone enjoys the new design and the bonus tracks, and maybe it also gives new fans the chance to rediscover our early work!

Dani Arcos:
We have been thinking about reissuing our first album for a while, as it has been sold out since 2015, but we didn’t want to just release it again, so we tried to record a couple of shows in order to add some live bonus tracks to this reissue. We usually have positive comments from our fans saying they love our live shows, so this is a compensation for their support in these hard moments.
We have very good memories when we were recording this album with Pedro Mendes in Braga (Portugal). There were many changes in BLOODHUNTER since we recorded this album, but the core of the band remains the same.



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