Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts : disponibile il nuovo EP

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Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts annunciano l’uscita del nuovo EP “Covers From The Quarantine” via Better Noise Music. La release è disponibile qui:


Tuk ha commentato:

“I decided to record some acoustic cover songs in my attic home studio to keep sane during the Covid-19 lock down. These songs and EP are not a representation of who I am as an artist, I just felt like I should try and contribute with something creative and positive in such uncertain times. Also, with all my tours being cancelled or postponed and my album pushed back I feel like it’s important to stay connected with fans. When picking the track list I chose them based off my moods during the quarantine. I recorded this EP without electric guitars and just used acoustic, keys, and some drum samples to make up my one-man band. It definitely gives the body of songs a vibe of its own”.

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