Kingdom Of Giants : nuovo album ad ottobre, singolo online

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I californiani Kingdom Of Giants annunciaano che il loro nuovo album “Passenger” uscirà il 16 ottobre via SharpTone Records. Più in basso potete ascoltare il singolo “Sync”, così descritto dalla band:

“Choosing the 1st song your band will release after it’s been 3.5 years since your last album might be the most nerve racking decision a band has to make. There are so many factors that go into it. It can’t be your favorite song, it can’t be the softest song, heaviest song, most experimental song, you gotta find something that when listeners hear it for the 1st time, they get a good overall feel of what elements will be on the album, and you want them to be excited to hear more! I think “Sync” did that for us. It’s intense right off the bat, it has a digestible structure, catchy chorus, diversity in vocal dynamics, and obviously…a massive breakdown!”.

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