Sceptor : firmano con Pure Steel Records

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Dopo uno split durato cinque anni, gli americani Sceptor tornano con una nuova lineup costruita attorno alla figura del fondatore Torsten Lang (ehitarra) e del cantante originale Bob Mitchell. La band ha dichiarato:

“The new album is nearly completely written, so all is progressing better than expected! Also, we previously announced on our Facebookpage that our return album will be titled “RISE TO THE LIGHT”! To say we are excited would truly be an understatement. We are looking forward to bringing you, the Fans of Heavy Metal our new Musical offering. Stay tuned and Thank YOU One and All!”

Bob Mitchell (The Hounds of Hasselvander) – vocals
Torsten Lang (ex-Skraggy’s Tomb, ex-Titan Steele, ex-Valpurgisnight, ex-New Allegiance, ex-Ritual Steel) – lead guitars, backing vocals
Timo Nolden (Bastard Nation, ex-Meltdown, ex-Wishing Nightfall, ex-Agent Grapefruit, ex-Atomic Garden, ex-Eternal Black) – rhythm guitars, backing vocals
K. K. Basement (ex-Adorned Graves, ex-Hammer King, ex-Palace, ex-Warchild, ex-Ivory Night) – bass, backing vocals
Holger Ziegler (Abandoned, Roxxcalibur, ex-Griffin (live)) – drums

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