Into Eternity : due ristampe in arrivo ad agosto

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Dopo il successo del comeback album “The Sirens” (2018), M-Theory Audio è orgogliosa di annunciare il prosieguo della collaborazione con gli Into Eternity attraverso la ristampa di due album della band, disponibili dal 14 agosto: il debutto omonimo del 1999 in CD ed in vinile a tiratura limitata a 300 copie ed il concept album del 2008 “The Incurable Tragedy” n vinile a tiratura limitata a 300 copie. Potete preordinare le release qui:

Tim Roth ha detto del debut album:

“This is a very special release for me personally, and it’s a dream come true to finally have it released properly. Originally, we pressed 1000 copies that we sold primarily in Canada, so it’s exciting to think that the album will now be available worldwide. Most of these songs were written in my parents’ basement. I was only 20 years old when we recorded, and we tried to do the best that we could. A $3000 loan was all it took to get us started. I’d say that was a worthy investment! The demos included as a special bonus are the only Into Eternity recordings that we recorded on 4-track tape. It’s awesome to have these old recordings available for everybody in 2020!”

In merito a “The Incurable Tragedy” il chitarrista ha detto:

“This was the darkest, most difficult record of our career, but looking back 12 years later, it was an important album for us,” Roth says. “At the time, there was incredible personal tragedy happening, which is why the album turned out as dark as it did. Still, I have so many great memories of this lineup touring the world together and playing all over Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada and the USA. We’d be out touring on a death metal package and then we’d go right into a Hammerfall/Edguy Tour. There were no limits for us at the time. I hope every Into Eternity fan will enjoy revisiting this album.”

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