Dying Vision : secondo singolo online

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Gli inglesi Dying Vision hanno messo online il loro secondo singolo “Human Condition”, brano estratto dal loro secondo album “The Death And Its Slaughter” in uscita il 27 agosto.

Il cantante Richard Ashton ha detto del brano:

I was very pissed off with the world when writing this. It was when I was watching way too much news and just hated the world around me. The song is basically holding a mirror up to humanity and showing its true reflection. When I wrote this, I imagined a death figure sat on a throne watching how we destroy each other. Not everyone, but a lot of people are just a virus on this world, I envisioned the first part of the song to show nature and the world turning in its natural beauty. When the first vocal hits, it is almost like when the humans bought the industrial age and its destructive ways. The intro describes this perfectly. Each verse describes the downfall of humanity, I saw this part very similar to how the people in power are playing a game of chess with the working class and how they are downtrodden. Very much like puppets to use to their amusement, constantly feeding and manipulating them to control the masses. It’s very similar to a lot of what is happening recently. How the real enemy’s are in their towers and enjoying the chaos… from the NRA watching people kill each other, to the people charge hiding in their bunkers and still pushing for death and destruction. This quote may sound that way but it’s not political, we are not a political band. It’s simply my perception of how messed up our world is, how we destroy what should be held precious and and take it for granted. How those we trust to lead us forward are equally behind destruction in the name of progression.

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