Bai Bang : firmano con RFL Records

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RFL Records annuncia la firma di un contratto con la hard rock band svedese Bai Bang. La band ha iniziato i lavori sul nuovo album, in uscita ad inizio 2021.

Jon Marchewka, CEO di RFL Records, ha detto:

“We have been making the European market a major focus and what better band to launch with than Bai Bang? I am personally thrilled to have these guys on our roster because they bring a resume that includes nothing, but success and a catalogue of outstanding music. Sweden offers some of the finest of the melodic hard rock genre and these guys are the pinnacle; big hooks, catchy songs and high energy performance. We can’t be more excited than to have them in the RFL Records family”.

Diddi Kastenholt, vocalist e leader dei Bai Bang, ha dichiarato:

“Myself and the rest of Bai Bang are looking forward to be a part of the RFL Records family. It will be a great future for all of us. I’m sure we will have a great and funny times, and that we will rock. Let’s rock together. Rock on & Rock it”

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