Anthea : info sul debut album, sul singolo ospite Chiara Tricarico

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Rockshots Records annuncia la di aver messo sotto contratto i californiani Anthea! Il debut album “Illusion” uscirà il 23 ottobre, qui sotto potete gustarvi il primo singolo “Moirai” che contiene le guest vocals di Chiara Tricarico (Sound Storm, Moonlight Haze, ex-Temperance).

“Illusion” può essere preordinato in CD qui:

E qui in digitale:

La band ha commentato la release di “Illusion”:

“We are so incredibly excited to finally be releasing our debut album!  We especially want to thank Roberto Giordano and Rockshots Records for giving us the opportunity to release this record under their label.  Years of dedication and perseverance have gone into making the band what it is today and we are stoked to see it all paying off!  So much work and passion were put into the making of this record and we are extremely proud of the end result!  What we hope to achieve is to give the listener a vast cinematic and theatrical experience so that by the end, they feel like they have just gone on this epic journey with us. A huge thank you to all of you who have supported us throughout the years, and to those of you who are just finding us for the first time!”

Di seguito tracklist e cover.

1. Reach (4:57)
2. Eclipse (3:52)
3. Moirai (Feat. Chiara Tricarico) (4:31)
4. Illusion (4:10)
5. The Light Divine (Feat. Eric Meyers) (6:33)
6. Discovery (4:31)
7. The Expedition (4:03)
8. Reflections (5:27)
9. Moirai (Orchestral Version) (4:32)

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