Ignited : il bassista parla della sopravvivenza al coronavirus e di un ciclone in Brasile

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Mentre celebravano l’uscita del loro album di debutto “Steelbound”, la heavy metal band brasiliana Ignited ha ricevuto la notizia che il suo bassista Sama Benedet è stato infettato dal Coronavirus.
Il bassista è stato infettato mentre era al lavoro con il governo locale della città natale della band per far fronte alle conseguenze di un ciclone con venti a 120 km/h che si era abbattuto sulla regione:

“Unfortunately I was infected by covid-19, despite taking all the precautions and working since March 10th on the front lines with the acquisition of supplies and services to fight the virus in our city, Balneário Camboriú. Fortunately I believe I beat the ‘invader’, but it wasn’t easy. Along with being isolated from the family, I ran out of water and electricity in the first week of isolation due to the cyclone bomb that hit our state. I had unpleasant symptoms and the feeling that the moment is unique, singular, and that we mean nothing, that our art, our music is left in the shadows in a country where the current government rejects the cultural evolution built over centuries.

“After almost 90 days of being exposed, as I was unable to quarantine myself due to my work I had the unfortunate contact with Covid-19. Initially I felt tired and lost taste and smell. I immediately went to the hospital and checked in with my doctor. We started drug treatment along with isolation and hydration. It was hard! I had fever every night, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. After the second week I started to feel better. I lost some weight, which was not all that bad! (laughs), but I don’t wish this thing for anyone. I even thought I was going to die when some close people started being hospitalized and some didn’t survive.”

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