Francis Roberts (King Gorm) : pubblicato il suo nuovo album

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Francis Roberts (King Gorm/Old Man Wizard) ha pubblicato il suo nuovo album dungeon synth intitolato “Under The Forgotten Village” via Bandcamp. Questo il suo commento:

“I wrote and recorded “Under The Forgotten Village” on Friday during a live stream. It was inspired by fantasy game soundtracks (specifically older RPGs), Dungeon Synth, and Berlin School style music. I’m in the process of cutting up the footage from Twitch to create “Making Of” videos for my YouTube channel as a way to help people who are getting into home music production (I have a series about this called “Dungeon Synthesis” already). There’s something really fun about the urgency of doing creative work on a live stream. I think I get a rush from feeling like I need to make the next composition decision immediately. None of the music was prepared beforehand, but one thing that was nerve wracking for me was coming up with the track titles and a loose fantasy narrative to associate with the music while people were watching and listening. I’d rather be writing music for someone else’s video game!”

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