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I Death Of A Dryad hanno firmato con Wormholedeath per la release fisica del loro nuovo album “Hameln”. Il formato digitale verrà pubblicato via Trisol Music Group. La band ha dichiarato:

Although this year has been trying for everyone, it was also quite an intense one for us. We were lucky enough to enter Tidalwave Studio at the beginning of the year right before the first lockdown to record our upcoming album “Hameln” and then to sign its release through Wormholedeath and Trisol. We are extremely grateful for their support!

Trisol label includes bands that inspired Death of a Dryad a lot – Project Pitchfork for example, whose song Requiem is covered in “Hameln” -, and Wormholedeath is delivering a tremendous amount of energy to release the album worldwide in these strange times. “Hameln” is our second full-length album in which we chose to explore the story of the Pied Piper of Hameln. But more than a simple story, we felt that we could relate the Piper’s story to Death of a Dryad universe, as we see it as a metaphor for the vengeance of a nature overexploited by man, eventually leading to its own end. Although unwanted at the time of the recording, it echoes strangely with what we are facing now.

We initially planned a world-wide release on the 3rd of December, but the second wave of COVID is hitting us hard in Europe, and we will had to delay this release to the end of February 2021.”

01. Enter the Piper
02. Hameln
03. Apud Omnes Hostes
04. Moths to a Flame
05. Left to Die
06. Requiem (Project Pitchfork Cover)
07. Freedom Lie


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