SnakeyeS : nuovo video e ristampa di “Evil Must Die”

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Gli spagnoli SnakeyeS pubblicheranno la ristampa del loro ultimo album “Evil Must Die” insieme a “Playing with Armageddon”, un nuovo CD ricco di contenuti extra tra cui un nuovo brano, live performances e molto altro. La band ha rilasciato questo comunicato:

“Playing with Armageddon” is the title we chose for relaunching “Evil Must Die”. Re-releasing an album is unusual, but we felt it is the least we could do to give new life to a record we invested a lot of time, money, and passion in. We wish to leave behind a year everyone wants to forget and to re-release “Evil Must Die”, symbolically, at the very start of 2021.

So here we are again, trying to give you the best of ourselves. We have prepared a special edition aimed at what we miss the most: the live shows, where the whole presentation and production are totally different to a studio album, giving the songs new life. An exciting, new way to enjoy the band.

After months of writing new music, as we progress into a new stage of the band’s life, we are ready to release a first sample of our next album. This new song will be a part of a the limited “Playing with Armageddon” Digipack, an extension of “Evil Must Die”, which will feature the following track list:

Playing with Armageddon (new song)

Mask of Reality (live in Seville 2018)

Evolution (live in Seville 2018)

Ultimate Sin (live in Seville 2018)

Down with the Devil (live in Seville 2018)

War Machine (live in isolation)

The Evil Dead (live in isolation)

New World Order (live in isolation)

Denied (live acoustic)

Lose Control (live acoustic)

Metal Monster (Epic Version)


Qui sotto √® visibile il video live del primo singolo “Evolution”:


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