Ainur : singolo con Roberto Tiranti online

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La progressive rock orchestra Ainur pubblicherà il nuovo album “War of The Jewels” il 19 marzo in CD e digitale via Rockshots Records. Qui sotto potete ascoltare il singolo “Spirit Of Fire” con Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) & Ted Nasmith:

La band ha detto:

“When we realized that Roberto (Tiranti) would be a guest on this album, we had no doubt of which song he was perfect for. ‘Spirit of Fire’ is the most iconic track on the album, because it deals with one of the greatest characters that Tolkien has ever invented: Fëanor, the mightiest of Elves. He has a spirit of fire and in this song, Luca (that is the main composer of this one) had the same spirit. Big guitar riffs, chords, and progressions, but also choirs and melodies that are one of Luca’s most characteristic styles. Roberto put the icing on the cake and made this song epic and unforgettable. We are sure it will become an Ainur’s masterpiece in the next years!” 

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