Ironbourne : firmano con Pure Steel Records

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La heavy metal band svedese Ironbourne ha firmato un worldwide deal con Pure Steel Records che ne pubblicherà il debut album “Ironbourne” a marzo 2021. Questo il comunicato della band:

The dream that never left
Many many years ago, when we discovered the world of music, we were too young to go on stage. But as the years went by, the struggle was continous, the most popular music left the metal genre, but instead had a solid foundation and slowly grew.
We never gave up on playing, and at last, the oppurtunity played in our favour, when we signed with Pure Steel Records.
So here we stand, seasoned and experienced, with pretty much the same kind of sound and songs, and realize that if you never give up on your dreams, they will finally come true.
Whilst our forefathers tore their backs while mining iron ore in deep shafts below the earths crust, and gave us the prosperity we live now, we therefore try to honour them by playing music that we love, and hopefully you too.
/IRONBOURNE- because that is what we are 

Torbjörn Andersson (ex-Hybridia, ex-Deputy) – vocals
Olof Geijer (ex-Mace) – guitars
Lars Andersson (ex-Mace) – bass
Jonas Windle (Minerock, ex-Abomation, Feel Dizzy) – guitars
Stefan Viktorsson (ex-Mace) – drums


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