Odd Dimension : guarda il video di ‘The Invasion’

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La progressive metal band Odd Dimension ha pubblicato il video di ‘The Invasion’, brano estratto dal nuovo album ‘The Blue Dawn’ in uscita il 26 marzo su Scarlet Records.

La band ha commentato:

“We are very happy to be back with our first single ‘The Invasion’. The song describes, in the general concept texture of the album, the moment in which the two travelers, Marcus and Eloise, are attacked by an unknown space population called Helidunians, aiming to invade their planet and use their just built space stations to steal energy for their travels. The track starts with a power guitar riff and shows a variety of musical moments, that together with two strong vocal performances by Jan Manenti and Aileen perfectly anticipate the band’s intentions on the upcoming album.”

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