Vexillum : i dettagli del nuovo album

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I power/folk metallers Vexillum pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album ‘When Good Men Go to War’ il 23 aprile su Scarlet Records. Qui sotto il commento della band, più in basso tracklist e cover.

“We put all our heart and soul into this album – a reflection of the strange times we are living in. With ‘When Good Men Go to War’ the caravan of traveling musicians that characterized the first two records take up again its path: after the tavern and the forest, now stories are told during a perilous journey in the sea with a darker atmosphere.

Overall, ‘WGMGTW’ is a record with more aggressive and powerful sounds – a crucial evolution in our style and aesthetic, obviously tinged with that folk atmosphere that has always distinguished the band.”

1. Enlight the Bivouac
2. Sons of a Wolf
3. Voluntary Slaves Army
4. When a Good Man Goes to War
5. Last Bearer’s Song
6. The Deep Breath Before the Dive
7. Prodigal Son
8. Flaming Bagpipes
9. With My Hands
10. The Tale of the Three Hawks
11. Quel che volevo

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