Treyharsh : online il lyric video di “Hidden Strength”

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Il gruppo thrash/death francese Treyharsh ha messo online il lyric video di “Hidden Strength”, brano estratto dal nuovo album “Eternal Cycles” in uscita via Wormholedeath.

La band ha dichiarato:
“Here is a new single from TREYHARSH album Eternal Cycles!
A song containing a strong message, a theme that concerns those times when our life is plunged into darkness, those times when everything is cold and tasteless but we still have this hint of strength that allows us to overcome these trials. Our instinct drives us to do everything to move forward and survive. Today we are all facing a difficult situation, we as a group and you as the audience. Let’s face this unbearable situation and let’s keep this strength hidden deep inside us in order to fight and keep fighting until the end of this “war” and come out victorious! Continue to support your artists and they will continue to blow your mind! Stay strong!”


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