Nocturnal Hollow : ascolta “Baphomet Crown”

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La death metal band venezuelana Nocturnal Hollow ha pubblicato il suo nuovo e settimo album “Triumphantly Evil” il 21 febbraio. JR Escalante, leader del gruppo, ha dichiarato:

“We always try to experiment by putting ourselves at a level above our abilities. The type of sound is the same, always faithful to the roots of Swedish Death Metal. However, we seek to add certain elements of our musical tastes so that the result of this album comes out different.”

Qui sotto potete ascoltare il brano “Baphomet Crown”, più in basso tracklist e cover.

1. Shining Blaze of Hell
2. Baphomet Crown
3. Bound to the Gore
4. Down to Void
5. Consumed By The Storm
6. In Rapture of Pain
7. Through the Haze of Dead
8. Voices Come from the Night
9. King of Wrath
10. Remembrance of Murder
11. Necrophiliac (SLAYER cover)

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