Nothing Sacred : nuovo album a luglio, video del primo singolo online

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I thrasher australiani Nothing Sacred hanno messo online il video di “Final Crime”, primo singolo estratto dal loro nuovo album “No Gods” in uscita il 16 luglio via Rockshots Records. Eccolo qui sotto, di seguito tracklist e cover.

La band ha dichiarato:

“This is one of the two tracks we’d chosen for the No Gods album from our archives that we’d written many moons ago. I saw acid rain and smog, you saw the sunset and a rainbow. There’s no tomorrow just a blank, you’ve only got yourself to thank. Don’t tell me that you never knew, you thought that hope would pull you through. I think those are our favorite lines from Mick Burnham. There’s nothing like stupid people doing nothing till it’s too late. Though this is one of our favorite tracks for some reason, it was never properly recorded and released. Here she is in all her glory, enjoy!”

1. Final Crime (3:41)
2. Virus (4:22)
3. Cold Black (3:38)
4. First World Problems (4:15)
5. Killing You (3:34)
6. False Prophets (4:00)
7. Ice (3:31)
8. Cult (4:38)
9. Oracle (3:32)
10. Stoner (5:27)


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