Solitude : nuovo album dopo quindici anni

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Dopo quindici anni di silenzio discografico, la melodic death metal band Solitude è pronta a pubblicare il suo nuovo album “Exogenesis”. Il chitarrista Antonio Rivera ha detto:

“This was an album that we made in parts, since we could not all sit together in a studio to do it. However, most of the music could be recorded before the pandemic and we were able, after very hard work, to reach a great result with ‘Exogenesis’. With this album we want to reposition ourselves on the scene and reach all possible places. We are constantly aiming for super new limits “. 

  1. Exogenesis

  2. Arbitrium Incorporea

  3. Descending Into Flesh

  4. Of Thought and Blood

  5. As the Sun Hides

  6. Theogony

  7. Unshrouded

  8. Hydian Slumber

  9. Shadowbreed



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