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La power metal band svedese Vandor pubblicherà il suo nuovo album ‘On a Moonlit Night’ il 16 luglio via Scarlet Records. Qui sotto quanto dichiarato dalla band, più in basso tracklist e cover.

“‘On a Moonlit Night’ feels without doubt like a highlight in our career: we took a look at everything we loved with our debut [2019’s ‘In the Land of Vandor’] and aimed solely at writing in that vein. We are proud that we managed to cover so much musical ground on this album, spanning from the anthem-sounding ‘Mountains of Avagale’ to the beautiful ‘Future to Behold’ and the intense warmongering tale ‘Fate of Eltoria’, and finishing with the almost 20-minute-long saga ‘The Sword to End All Wars’.

This record is more Power Metal than our previous one, but we have also embraced Progressive Rock, which might not come as a shock for those familiar with our music. As for the bonus material… this is our way of thanking the fans! The 4 songs available on the CD show the different musical backgrounds we, as a band, have – with echoes of country music in the acoustic version of ‘Future to Behold’, our love for video game music in the 8-bit version of ‘Fate of Eltoria’ and our very own encore tradition song ‘Together We Fight’.”

1.   … Darkness Looms
2.   Mountains of Avagale
3.   River of Life
4.   Endless Sea
5.   Future to Behold
6.   Fate of Eltoria
7.   The Sword to End All Wars
8.   On a Moonlit Night
9.   Enter Twilight (digital/CD bonus-track)
10.  Together We Fight (CD exclusive bonus-track)
11.  Serpent & Its Prey (CD exclusive bonus-track)
12.  Future to Behold [acoustic version] (CD exclusive bonus-track)
13.  Fate of Eltoria [8-bit version] (CD exclusive bonus-track)

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