Brilliant Coldness : nuovo album con Dead Center Productions

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Diciotto anni dopo averne pubblicato il debut album “Beyond Eternity”, Dead Center Productions annuncia di aver nuovamente messo sotto contratto i death metallers ucraini Brilliant Coldness: il terzo album “The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity” uscirà il 30 luglio. La band ha detto:

“This material is something new in extreme music. Imagine Niccolò Paganini plays extreme metal that’s what it’s all about! We call it “Academic Death Metal”. This music played at the limit of physical abilities. It’s a powerful energetic flow of minds and feelings; a journey to the world of magic and wizardry of the human mind’s endless abilities!”

Di seguito tracklist e cover.
1. The Ultimate Dream pt. 1
2. The Moment Of Resistance
3. The Top Of The Perish
4. Individual Hell
5. The Crown Of Darkness
6. The Symphony Of The Running Away Life
7. Technogenic Illusion
8. Phantasm
9. Devilish Misanthropy
10. Chameleon
11. The Ultimate Dream pt. 2

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