RiseuP : guarda il video del nuovo brano “Jim B”

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La death-groove metal band polacca RiseuP pubblicherà il suo debut album “Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27” il 6 agosto via Eclipse Records. Qui sotto potete vedere il video del brano ‘Jim B’:

Il vocalist Marcin Stanek ha detto:
“We shot the video in our rehearsal room which is an old basement from the XVIII century that also became our secret party location. After practice, we often chill out, stay late and there’s always a bottle (or two) or Jim Beam bourbon. We actually talk about the bottle as a friend of the band using words like he and him, it’s just one of those fun things we do.” Guitarist Krzystala adds, “Sometimes Jim is a villain, sometimes he is a savior, sometimes he can make toy a genius, and on the flip side he can turn you into a complete idiot… it all depends on the mood you’re in and the quantity you drink. We also wanted to pay respect to this famous liquor and its history by writing a song about it!”

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