Overhate : online il video di “The Penance And The Lesson”

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La thrash band venezuelana Overhate ha messo online il video di “The Penance And The Lesson”, brano estratto dal terzo album ‘New Beginnings Are Met’ uscito nel 2020.

Il bassista Giancarlo Vettor ha detto:
“‘The Penance and the Lesson’ is a song that tries to depict what luck is for everyone at certain decisive moments, the song’s aggressiveness wants to give the listener a peak at the frustration when luck, serving as our fate, doesn’t fall to our favor… Yet, if lessons are learnt out of these unfavorable situations, certain pictures can become very clear, as to how hard decisions well taken can often bring the best of outcomes. Be aware, if there’s no solution, no answer to the question or nothing you can envision, the dices fall for all, as the penance and the lesson are to resume our moments now.”

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