IRONBOUND – The Lightbringer

Autore: The Lightbringer
Nazione: Poland
Genere: Heavy / Power Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal
Anno: 2021
Etichetta: Ossuary Records


Łukasz Krauze – vocals
Michał Halamoda – guitar
Krzysztof Całka – guitar
Zbigniew Bizoń – bass
Adam Całka – drums

  1. Far Away (intro)
  2. The Witchunt
  3. When Eagles Fly
  4. Smoke and Mirrors
  5. The Lightbringer
  6. Children Left By God
  7. The Turn of the Tides
  8. Light Up the Skies
  9. Beyond the Horizon

Voto del redattore HMW: 8/10

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The main reason for heavy metal’s existence until nowadays, almost 50 years after its birth, is its groups persistence to traditional metal forms.

The fact that so many bands emphasize for the traditional ‘80s & ‘90s metal sound, contempting modern trends, has created a core of die hard fans who, all together (bands & fans), have contributed to the revival of the retro movement in metal.
And here is the greatness for traditional heavy metal: its revival isn’t something temporary or just a retro movement.
Literally speaking, I would be very minimalistic in my assertion that this is just a retro movement, addressed to only a minority of people who feel nostalgia for the ‘80s and the ‘90s.

We are talking about a continuous injection of creative inspiration and fresh-air.

In addition to that, the key lesson that someone can learn from this kind of ‘narrow-mindedness’, is that respecting the past is not stagnation.
On the contrary, it is exactly an excellent paradigm of progress without defiling or underestimating those who have shown the way.

Style of play and influences

IRONBOUND from Poland are the evidence to the above mentioned: although they are from Poland, they deliver absolutely top class teutonic metal with some NWOBHM influences.  In other words we are talking about a band which is a cavalier committed to the heavy metal tradition and its spiritual ancestors.

And, to debate some controversies who might claim that these traditional metallers from Poland are not reinventing the wheel on this album, the argument is that heavy metal’s mission is not that. It is to keep alive the tradition at first, and, second, to succeed the optimum combination of power, speed and melody in such a fascinating way that the fan could be able to feel the escapism and the magic this music can deliver. In other words, to feel like a storm of firecrackers caresses its ears.

IRONBOUND’s success is just that: They combine the best moments of teutonic metal (along with some SAXON-Power and the Glory Era influences), in other words the catchy choruses and the skillful guitar playing, the solid bass and drum playing, in such a way that the final result is nothing else than endless headbanging. And, musically speaking, the album brings in mind some of the best moments of the godfathers of the genre.

RUNNING WILD, PRIMAL FEAR, GRAVE DIGGER (mainly Heart of Darkness & Tunes of War era), early HEAVENS GATE, early HELLOWEEN, IRON SAVIOR, DESTILLERY, RITUAL STEEL, and, of course, SAXON, to name a few, would be proud of their children.

Such high quality albums can make us proud and allow us behold the future in a quite optimistic way.

Album details & best tracks

Album’s production is very good and quite professional. Cover is very good as well, and it predisposes 100% of the devastating effect it will provoque to the listener.

All albums tracks are very good and there are no fillers.

For instance, listen to When Eagles Fly with the awesome opening riff, a track reminiscent of  PRIMAL FEAR & GAMMA RAY early days.

In addition, check the self titled track, Lightbringer, a fast and furious track with astonishing guitars and ‘menacing’ vocals.
Mid tempo Children Left by the God is probably my favourite from the album. Slow tempo alternates with the fast one, and so they do the listener’s feelings, while the imperious chorus surrounds the listener like a fire spread by arsonists in delirium. A track which combines dynamic and melody the optimum way, and clearly portrays the band’s music potential.

Light Up the Skies is probably the most raw track of the album and the closest to old school british metal. Of course, guitar work is excellent in this track as well, and the opening riff vaguely brought to my mind that of Judas Priest anthem, Rapid Fire.
Beyond the Horizon is the album’s closing track and it is an istrumental one. Once more, we can witness the excellent guitar work on this track as well.

Album is released on CD through Polish Ossuary records and it is needless to say that I recommend it to all fans of traditional heavy metal, especially the die hard teutonic metal fans.


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