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I Leiþa – band che propone un black metal con riffs progressivi e influenze Jazz – pubblicheranno il 25 giugno il debut album “Sisyphus” via Noisebringer Records. La titletrack, scelta anche come primo singolo, può essere ascoltata sulla pagina Bandcamp qui sotto, dove è anche possibile preordinare l’album:


“This album came to life as a result of doubt and self-loathing.
That pale face that stares right back at you morning after morning from the reflection of your mirror as it displays the miserable outcome of your own existence onto yourself. The bitter taste of bile and cigarette ash you inherit following yet another day trapped in the eternal vicious circle of a worthless existence.
It is those moments certainty spits you in the face with a blend of disgust and resistance.
In moments exactly like that be sure of just one thing:
You are not the only one.”
1. Sisyphus
2. Endlos
3. Sterben um zu sterben
4. Gib mir Heimat
5. Mühsal
6. Prometheus
7. Der Feind lebt in mir
8. Töte dich




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