Neker : oggi esce il nuovo album, video del nuovo singolo online

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I Neker hanno messo online il video di “A Kind of Pain”, secondo singolo estratto dal nuovo album “Slower” in uscita il 18 giugno via Time To Kill Records. Potete vedere il video qui:

“Slower is the work I’m proudest of. I have spent a lifetime playing with bands of the widest variety, but this album represents all I have always wished for: a dark and rotten sound without sacrificing the groove.
All has been studied in detail thanks to my musicians Ale and Dani, who excellently arranged a few drums and guitar tracks. When writing they also had very good ideas, without which the record wouldn’t sound as it does. I intentionally worked a lot on the vocals. The atmosphere in the studio was perfect.
I recorded at Zeta Factory in Carpi and at Studio73 in Ravenna under the wise guidance of Riccardo Pasini, with whom I enjoyed every moment, from the drum sessions to the production, which I had the honour to carry out with him.
Slower is a dark and introspective album, even though there are a few songs whose texts are more straightforward and pissed off. Like the lyrics, music ranges from doom and melodic to fast-paced and louder.”

Line up

N E K E R – bass/lead vocals

Alessandro Eusebi – guitars

Daniele Alessi – drums

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