Thrash La Reine : primo singolo dal nuovo album

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I canadesi Thrash La Reine pubblicheranno il loro nuovo album “Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer” durante l’autunno 2021. Oggi possiamo ascoltare il primo singolo estratto dall’album, la cover del brano tradizionale canadese “Au Chant de L’Alouette”:
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“A lot of people already know the lyrics of this song as it is often sung in family reunions or at night around campfires. For people who do not know about it, this type of song is a ”chanson à répondre’ (answering song)’ which means that the lead singer sings the first line of the verse, then the other singers or crowd answer by singing the same line. It is often sung during parties and gatherings. We wanted to give the song a modern edge, so we changed the melodies a bit and added a lot of gang vocals to throw the party in!”

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