Ergholae Somptator : nuovo album fuori entro fine anno

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Il duo black metal Ergholae Somptator pubblicherà il suo nuovo album “Mille Vertiges Fondent Sur Les Âmes Vides” entro fine 2021 su code666. La band ha dichiarato:

Ergholae Somptator has just signed with Code666. It is an honour to join a label of such consistent quality, and their willingness to work with us brings unspeakable satisfaction. We have worked very hard on our second album, Mille vertiges fondent sur les âmes vides. Recorded, mixed and mastered at DismalSound Studio (France), this album displays an undeniable efficiency and an intricate dialogue between the guitar and bass parts, whereas its predecessor was built primarily on layered guitars and sheer rawness. We’re eager to present this album to the public.”

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