The Wring : accordo con WormHoleDeath

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Il progetto progressive rock canadese The Wring ha firmato un accordo con WormHoleDeath per la release digitale dell’album “Project Cipher”, in uscita il 16 luglio 2021. La band ha detto dell’album:

“If in the ’80s, Geddy decided to shun the synthesizer and Alex became a disciple of Dave Mustaine instead of Midge Ure, Rush might have sounded something like this. The album is 7 songs with one instrumental and 6 vocal tracks. It is a rock record with bits of proggy stuff hidden inside. The players are diverse and really complement each other and the overall vibe.”

01 The Light
02 Sorceress
03 Cipher
04 Steelier
05 Dissension
06 Dose
07 Touch

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