In Crucem Agere : nel roster di code666

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La black metal band austriaca In Crucem Agere ha firmato un accordo con la label code666 che ne pubblicherĂ  il nuovo album “Calling the Void”. La band ha dichiarato:

“We are honoured to announce our signing with code666, an ideal partner in crime to release our new album “Calling the Void”. In In Crucem Agere has been operating since 2010, drawing inspiration from human abysses and the darkness in men, and now, eleven years and two albums later, nothing, yet everything has changed. The band’s bleak view on life and mankind is unbroken, and this new opus takes it to new musical levels. This is both a continuation, as much as it is a new beginning. “Calling the Void” is still rooted in traditional black metal, but has transformed the band into a beast of abstract, avantgarde madness. The album was produced by no less than Florian “Alboin” Dammasch, probably best known for his band Eis. We cannot wait to unleash this manifest onto the masses!”


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