Existentia : pubblicano il lyric video di “Planned Obsolescence”

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La death metal band americana Existentia ha messo online il lyric video di “Planned Obsolescence”, brano estratto dal nuovo EP “Calculating Failure” uscito recentemente via Stumpgrinder Records. La band ha dichiarato:

“Planned Obsolescence: Society shapes us to run a short course with our lives. It sucks your resources making you a slave to bullshit and then kills you off. For some this could be signing up for the military and not realizing you’re just a “cog in this killing machine.” Once you serve your time you’re tossed to the streets to fend for yourself. Becoming outdated, obsolete, and no longer needed”

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ExistentiaDM
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/existentia_official/
Bandcamp: https://existentiametal.bandcamp.com/
Store: https://existentiametal.bigcartel.com/

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