Nightland : pubblicato il nuovo singolo “For Once My Name”

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La symphonic death metal band italiana Nightland ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo “For Once My Name”, brano estratto dal suo terzo album intitolato ‘The Great Nothing’ in uscita il 19 novembre su Scarlet Records. Potete ascoltare ed acquistare il brano qui:

Il cantante e chitarrista Ludovico Cioffi ha detto:

“‘For Once my Name’ is a groovy, melodic song that speaks to the heart of those people who roam disconsolately in a world they don’t belong.

The lyrics talk about the ascent of the nymph Callisto, destined to be eternally alone, away from all that she loved and lived for.

If this resonates with you, then you should know that even in the worst fate there’s someone who will keep you safe and help you carry this burden.

When I wrote this song I thought of turning all the weakness and insecurity into strength, wrath and self-awareness, and that’s exactly what the drastic, blasting end of the song reveals”

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