Prowler : il loro unico demo del 1989 uscirà su CD

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Gli US power metallers Prowler vedranno pubblicato il loro unico demo del 1989 in CD da Heaven and Hell Records a dicembre! Qui sotto trovate la news completa curata dal nostro Epicus_Domenicus:


The legendary US power metallers from Santa-Fe, PROWLER, are going to release their only 1989 demo on CD, through Heaven and Hell records, on December of 2021.

Here it is the label’s statement:



Heaven and Hell Records are pleased to announce another heavy metal discovery from the “Land of Enchantment”

PROWLER was formed in 1981 by guitarists Cedric Griego and Richard Christner, bassist Andrew Gallegos, drummer Steve Cordova and singer Steve Montoya. PROWLER would quickly become the hottest metal band in Santa Fe. Over the next few years, their popularity would grow throughout the Southwest. The band felt that they needed to head outward so they would set their sights on California.

Once in Los Angeles, PROWLER discovered a competitive and over-saturated scene. They would also begin to find it difficult to keep members in the band, an issue that would always stick with the band, leaving the duel of Griego and Montoya the only two constant members of the band.

In 1989 PROWLER would self release a 5-song EP made up of two separate sessions recorded almost three years apart. Members would continue to come and go. The band continued to struggle into the 90s. By the middle of the decade, PROWLER had decided to disband.

In early December, Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing the PROWLER EP for the first time on CD. All five tracks have been remastered and packaged with an 8-page booklet with lyrics and a band history essay. The release will be limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Tracks as follow;

  1. Fortune Hunter
  2. Washed Out Rebel
  3. The Haunting
  4. Thought in the Night (Dreams)
  5. Dressed to Kill

Slated for late November/early December release

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