Cirith Ungol : celebrano i 40 anni di ‘Frost And Fire’

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I Cirith Ungol celebrano i 40 anni del loro debut album “Frost And Fire” attraverso la pubblicazione di alcune speciali edizioni: trovate tutti i dettagli nella news completa curata dal nostro Epicus_Domenicus:


Cirith Ungol are celebrating 40 years since their debut Frost And Fire album  and the band has available an Ultimate Frost And  Fire original Bundle (limited to 15 worldwide) which includes:

  • Frost and Fire 40th Anniversary Autographed Art Book – 50 pages with 2LP/4CD
  • Original sealed 1981 Frost and Fire LP (first pressing and self-released on the band’s own Liquid Flames Records)
  • Original handbill from Cirith Ungol’s only show in Mexico 1982 (measures 9.5″ X 7″)
  •  Overrun original Frost and Fire LP center labels (Side 1 & 2)
  • Original overrun (empty) Frost and Fire 12″ Jacket (autographed on back)
  •  Original unused Cirith Ungol stickers from 1980 (quantity 3)
  • Red Carpet swatch from the original Cirith Ungol rehearsal space (1981-1991) (measures 4.25″ X 3″)
  • A piece of the original wood from the walls of Goldmine Studios, where Cirith Ungol recorded Frost and Fire (measures 11.5″ X 11.5″)

You can order this ultra limited bundle here

Additionally, a special limited-edition hardbound, autographed, 50-page book will also be available – packed with rare photos, flyers and memorabilia, as well as detailed liner notes and essays by the band. This artbook will be packaged with 4 CDs and 2 LPs (including both the 40th anniversary remix of the album and the album remastered from the original analog tapes), plus 2 additional CDs containing 14 demo versions  of the album tracks  and bonus content – interview, radio drops, answering machine tapes, phone calls.   You can order this bundle here

Other than the above bundles, there are also, additionally, 3 more autographed variants of the album available, as following:

  • 25 black 2-LP vinyl copies autographed, available directly from the band, which you can pre-order here
  • 50 Camouflage Green Marbled 2-Vinyl copies autographed, available directly from the band, which you can pre-order here
  • 100 2-CDs which include autographed digibook, available directly from the band, which you can pre-order here

Watch the video here, with the band unboxing the original Liquid Flames Records vinyl copies of Frost & Fire album (which copies are included in their Ultimate Frost & Fire original Bundle)

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