Nightland : guarda il video di “Further”

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La symphonic death metal band italiana Nightland ha pubblicato il video di “Further”, secondo singolo estratto dal suo terzo album intitolato ‘The Great Nothing’ in uscita il 19 novembre su Scarlet Records. Eccolo:

Ludovico Cioffi ha detto del brano:
“’Further’ represents the distance we’re willing to travel in order to get redemption and be eternally free from our sins.

The nymph Callisto – impersonated by Chiara Simonetta – is swinging gracefully, suspended between Earth and Sky, waiting for her moment to join the darkest deepness of the universe. Like in a moth’s metamorphosis, she’s abandoning her mortal form and letting her inner self open up to a new condition of cruel, cursed immortality.

We wanted to represent this whirl of torment and desperate feelings by combining together ethereal and hideous moods, and that’s what our esteemed director Matteo Ermeti managed to translate into pictures masterfully!”

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