Manowar : dietro le quinte di “The Revenge Of Odysseus”, guarda il video

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Nei giorni scorsi Joey De Maio si trovava ad Atene per lavorare al concept di “The Revenge Of Odysseus” per il prossimo album dei Manowar. Qui sotto trovate la news completa curata dal nostro Epicus_Domenicus:

Joey De Maio was in Athens during the previous days, working on the concept of Revenge of Odysseus from MANOWAR’s upcoming album.

The narration of the story will be in ancient Greek, and for that reason two very famous greek actors were invited to help the band.

Konstantinos Kazakos, father, and Konstantinos Kazakos, son, will do the story’s narrative in ancient greek language.

Sakis Tolis from Rotting Christ has contributed as well, making the translation of the lyrics from English to ancient Greek.

Additionally, Manowar will give a live show  in Athens, in summer of 2022.

Watch below the video Making of “The Revenge Of Odysseus” – Behind The Scenes, the Joey De Maio’s press conference and the trailer for their upcoming live show in Athens as well.

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