HMC Espectros Festival XIV : annunciate le prime band

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Heavy Metal Spectros annuncia, per il 4 e 5 marzo 2022 a Murcia (Spagna), l’HMC Espectros Festival XIV! Annunciate le prime band, qui sotto trovate la news completa curata dal nostro Epicus_Domenicus:

Here it is below the complete festival’s statement:

Heavy Metal Spectros presents Espectros Festival XIV!

After a long period of pandemic… It looks like music, concerts, festivals and halls are slowly coming back into action. That’s why, from Heavy Metal Spectros, we’re very proud to present you the 14th edition of our festival.

In this preview we show you some of the bands that will be playing this time:

Injector will take charge of testing our neck with a pure metal thrash coming from our land, Murcia.

Invaders , this young band will beat the audience and have a good time with their classic Heavy Metal.

Chantrice debuted in the previous edition and surprised many people. It was an amazing experience so peaceful, now you have another chance to see them in action.

Electrikeel is a young thrash metal/crossover band that has an LP in the oven. From Pamplona, a band you shouldn’t miss.

It is an honor to be able to announce these concerts and we will announce many more bands soon.

We look forward to seeing you all again!


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