Thunderor : debut album a febbraio, video del primo singolo online

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I Thunderor – nuova band con JJ Tartaglia (Skull Fist), Jonny Nesta e Oscar Rangel (Operus, ex-Annihilator) – pubblicheranno il loro debut album “Fire It Up” il 25 febbraio 2022 via Boonsdale Records. La band ha pubblicato il video del nuovo singolo “How We Roll”, di cui Tartaglia dice:

 “How We Roll just felt like the right choice as the first single to come out with. It’s a catchy tune, with a big emphasis on the song-writing, and that’s the main thing with Thunderor. It’s got that anthem-like singalong chorus, feels like freedom and good times. It’s a song about friends, road trips, and not wanting to go home when it’s time to go home haha.”

1. Fire It Up (5:12)
2. How We Roll (4:14)
3. All or Nothing (4:31)
4. Dangerous Times (5:24)
5. Thunderor (4:32)
6. On the Run (4:04)
7. Into the Storm (1:34)
8. We Can Make It (4:21)
9. Cold Tears (5:17) 

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